Friday, July 31, 2015

Tweaking the Portfolio....DLR, XOM, TUP, UNP, WBA, MDT

Busy at work lately, but looking at the Chump IRA this week a little more closely.  First, I trimmed a couple of strong performers that are trading at 52 week highs, which is NOT a reason to trim, but are also looking very overvalued, which IS a reason to trim.  WBA and MDT, both of which have been great performers the past several years.  I trimmed both back to a full position in the portfolio, around $18k each.

On the buy side, I started a position in XOM in the low eighties, then added a bit more today around $ the company and dividend for the long haul.

I also added to technology REIT DLR.  I love DLR right now at these prices, and a 5.3% yield. Strong buy recommendation.

I'm also looking at TUP again.  I've suffered a huge 27% loss on the stock, but am going to add some shares at $58.50.  It has a nice dividend of 4.7%, which is flat this year, but wasn't cut.  I just read a good interview with the CEO, Rick Goings.... here it is:

I like his comments, his commitment to the dividend, and I think the company is a long term hold.  They are suffering this year from the strong dollar, but that should normalize and improve going forward.

UNP, another railroad, is looking attractive at recent depressed prices, and like in Monopoly, I want to own ALL the railroads, wide moats, great businesses.  With a new position in UNP, I now own three, CSX, NSC, and UNP.  Cool!

That's all for now,