Friday, November 6, 2015

November 6, 2015 Update: VRX, OHI, CMI, WAG

I haven't posted since 9-22-15, when I sold HAL, and added VRX, AMGN.  While I haven't posted, I have made a few trades from overseas while traveling.  Just a side note, it's hard to stay on top of your portfolio while working full time/traveling.  Who knew?

Anyway, after reading several articles about VRX, I closed my modest 1/3 position a few days after I started the position for a loss of around $500.  Good move, as the stock has been pummeled down into the $75 range with a continuing stream of bad news.  Lesson learned (again), stop buying "growth" stocks with no dividend track record....

The AMGN purchase (long, growing dividend) was good, and I made add a bit more.  Today, there is a positive employment report, so high yield stocks are getting beat up pretty good...which is most of my stocks in the Chump IRA....why?  Because this means the fed will finally raise interest rates.  Doubtful.

I added some OHI and CMI today, both are down quite a bit.  I also closed WAG the other day on the news that they would be buying Rite Aid.  The stock was up to over $94/share, was already pretty pricey, and I figured it would correct once the news was digested...and it did, down over 10% since I closed the position.

Now I have some extra cash, a bit more than normal, so I'm looking for buys.....  stay tuned.