Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Stocks I'm Looking at Now: ABBV, CVS

As I mentioned a few weeks ago, ABBV looks very attractive, and has pulled back a bit from my initial purchase.  After I make an entry buy, usually 1/3 position or 1/2, I set a new buy price at 5% below my entry price...ABBV has been hovering down 4% or so, but hasn't yet hit the 5% threshold. It's tempting to add some more here...

Here is a snapshot of ABBV:

Note the 3.7% dividend yield, A- credit rating, and below normal PE of 13.1, and forecast EPS growth of 12% and 18% the next two years... good stuff!

I've also been watching CVS.  Ever since I bought WAG years ago (sold last year), I've also had CVS on my watch list.  Lately, the price has been getting close to fair value, tempting me to start a position, though I haven't yet.  Here is a snapshot:

My buy price is $85, so very close now....



Tuesday, October 18, 2016

A Political Message

Please watch these undercover videos showing how our White House, the DNC, and the Hillary campaign win elections.  They are stunning.  I knew politicians were often corrupt, but this is worse than I could have ever imagined.

Regardless of your feelings for Mr. Trump and his integrity, we cannot allow this corruption to continue in our government, and electing Trump may have a positive impact on these activities.

Further, and most importantly, it is imperative that the vacant Supreme Court seat be filled by a conservative in the vein of the late Justice Scalia to keep our constitution in-tact.

I'd prefer four years of Mr. Trump to 25+ years of a liberal Supreme Court.  Our country will not recover from a liberal Supreme Court.

My humble opinion,