Friday, May 24, 2013

Chump Portfolio Update

Here is the Chump IRA on May 24, 2013.  The last three days saw a decline of around 2% in the portfolio, but since inception late last summer, the portfolio is up 17.47%.

My one year return for the IRA account now stands at 18.36% through the end of April 2013 vs. an S&P one year return over the same period of 16.89%.

Here is a summary of the holdings in the portfolio, with some useful FASTGraphs metrics:

Contrary to the statement in my previous post, I did do "something."  I can't resist.  I sold off 1/3 of my CMI (Cummins) position, or profits, and started a position in DE (Deere).  DE is more undervalued, is growing earnings, and has a better dividend yield.  DE competes with CMI in some segments, but both are good companies.  It seemed cool to start a new position in a great company with profits from CMI, and continue to hold a position in CMI.  

That's all for now,



  1. hi, what brokerage firm you use? thanks

  2. HI JJ:

    I use Fidelity for my IRA (shown above). They charge $7.95 per trade and no annual fees. They also re-invest my dividends free of charge. I also use FAST Graphs to track the portfolio, and monitor valuations.

    Hope this helps,