Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Adding Valmont Industries (VMI)

Started a 1/4 position in VMI today.

Overview of the company from Reuters:

From FASTGraphs:

Decent undervaluation, beaten up pretty well the last six days or so.   Pays a small dividend, but has been increasing it the dividend every year for 11 consecutive years.  Dividend growth rate for the past 14 years in 9.1%.  Looking at the past 5 years shows that today's price of $136 or less is a good entry point, with a margin of safety of approximately 17%.

While not that important, analysts are pretty bullish on the stock.  From Fidelity:

I filled a limit order today at $136.

That's all for now,



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    1. Thanks grox, might be a chance to add this week. You're always one step ahead of me.


    2. Not true, you were first with FDO.
      We are in this to help each other... there is enough for all :)