Monday, March 31, 2014

Kohl's (KSS)

Remember my post from November 4, 2013 about a Kohl's upgrade?  Of course you don't ;-).  Anyway, I stated then that analysts had upgraded Kohl's from neutral to buy, and an historic peak in the stock price.  Luckily, I added KSS to the Chump IRA almost a full year earlier when analysts were panning the stock.  I then enjoyed a gain of over 34% to the analyst upgrades in November of last year.

So, how is Kohl's doing since the big upgrade?  Here is a price chart:

The stock dropped after the upgrade in November, and has fought back to similar levels recently.  With recent upticks, a few more analysts have upgraded the stock, of course, after the upticks.  

I think its time to sell.  KSS has had two consecutive years of declining earnings, despite aggressive stock buy backs.  There margins are declining, they just fired their head of merchandising, and stores are in need of renovation.  KSS was a simple value play for me, and the value is gone with the declining eps.  I've been patient, but I don't trust their forecast of a big increase in eps next year.  I'm going to sell the position over the next several weeks.



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