Friday, April 4, 2014

Everyone Uses Tupperware

Chuck wrote up a nice analysis of TUP today on Seeking Alpha, here is the link:

Not much for me to add.  Looks like a decent investment at today's price (around $83 or less), not a great value buy, but close to fair value.  In today's market its difficult to find stocks trading even at fair value, especially if they are high quality.  As I mentioned previously, I'm planning to close my KSS position.  I'll consider TUP my swap - I'll be getting a better brand with less competition, more growth potential in emerging markets, and higher yield.  Tupperware is not subject to fashion trends, aging stores, and fickle consumer tastes.  Their products are vital for keeping storing food - a worldwide market with lots of growth potential.  Further, I much prefer to own companies with rising earnings vs. falling earnings.

Here is a one year price chart:

The price took a little tumble after their last earnings report, and has been climbing since.  They report earnings again on April 23.  I'm going to attempt to start a 1/4 size position today with a limit order.  If earnings disappoint, I'll add on additional weakness.  If not, I'll just let it ride.




  1. I have been thinking about TUP for a while too, and the part I like the most about this company is that they are the "Apple" of food storage. Everyone has a good perception of their products and their only complain is the price.

    I am torn between moving my money there or in UTL or another utility. With the shadow of an upcoming correction, I fear that TUP big beta will translate in a huge lost, compared to UTL...

    1. I like the TUP story....and will try to add to the position on any corrections due to that big bet of 1.53 ;-) I already own SO (utility), so I'm not interested in adding utilities, I prefer to get some more growth.

      Good luck Alain, let me know what you decide to do.