Friday, June 6, 2014

June 6, 2014 Portfolio Update

TGI Friday.  Decent week for the portfolio.  My overall portfolio value continues to set new all time records (for me), and YTD performance through today now stands at a healthy +9.02% vs. the S&P YTD of a paltry +5.47%.  The Chump portfolio is beating the S&P benchmark by 3.55%, or put another way, is doing 64% better than the S&P this year (fun with statistics heh?)  Anyway, here is a snapshot of the S&P YTD, followed by a snapshot of the holdings today:

Chump Holdings on June 6, 2014

Not listed above are holdings OHI, O, and KMI.  I don't list them in this valuation screen due to the nature of the stocks, they are more accurately valued looking at P/FCF vs. PE.

In general, the names on the top half are still a decent value play at or slightly below fair value, while the names on the lower half are getting above fair value, and I would be unlikely to add to these names at current prices.

This past week, I made one trade:
  • I added some shares to my AT&T (T) holding at $35 per share
  • I received $700 in dividends from AFL, COP, INTC, WMT, WFC, all of which was reinvested into the same names
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