Tuesday, July 22, 2014

2 Small Adds Today: MCD and T, and a word on HOG

MCD reported disappointing US sales, and shares are down 1.5%.   I'm not concerned, so I added a few shares on weakness. Current yield is 3.37%, so I'm happy to have some more shares.

T is roughly flat, but using by position add guidelines from my last post, its been over 60 days since I started the position, and I'm still within 5% of my original purchase, so I added some more shares today.  I view T as a nice defensive holding, like a utility, but with a bit more growth potential.

As an aside, I also added some HOG today to my taxable account.  Harley is down over 6.4% today, but the story is good, and I expect a recovery in the shares relatively soon.   Harley pays a small dividend of 1.75%, beat earnings, but missed sales and lowered full year guidance.  Launch of new products were delayed some, but sales and earnings are still growing rapidly, and after they introduce some new products, should accelerate.



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