Tuesday, April 7, 2015

DLR...Digital Realty Trust

Starting a position today in DLR.  Here is a snapshot from FASTGraphs:

With this addition, I have around 7% of the portfolio in real estate via REITs...  O, OHI, and now DLR.  Chuck Carnevale recently did a nice piece on DLR here: 

In addition, Mr. REIT, Brad Thomas, has it on his list of top investment ideas for 2015.  At present, DLR is paying a nice yield of 5.1%, has a good credit rating for a REIT, and is moderately undervalued on a FFO (funds from operations) basis.

DLR invests in technical space for servers, back up data, etc.... a fast growing market as internet and cloud spending increase exponentially.

I'll look to add more to the position if interest rates rise this summer.  That event would properly hammer REIT prices temporarily, and present a nice opportunity to add to positions.



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