Friday, April 26, 2013

Chump Portfolio Update 4-26-13

I started using Morningstar near the end of 2012, and have been tracking the Chump IRA there in addition to my normal Fidelity account views.  Morningstar has some useful metrics and tracking, so this week's update will be screen shots from my M* view.

Here are the holdings as of today in the Chump IRA:

I've put a red circle around metrics of interest.  Overvaluation, low dividend (below 2.5%), or over allocation (above 4% of the portfolio) for possible action in the coming weeks.  

I've sorted the portfolio based on total return since purchase, most having been bought last summer or fall.  BBL, AAPL, and INTC are my losers.  BBL is recent add, replacing CLF, and INTC and AAPL have been in the portfolio since the beginning.  INTC has had a bit of positive movement lately, and pays a nice 3.85% dividend.  AAPL pays a decent dividend near 3%, but only because the price has dropped so much this year.  I wish they'd announce a large dividend increase in the coming months.  I still believe AAPL is severely undervalued, and will continue to hold the stock.

Recent changes to the portfolio include the sale of TEVA (I'm worried about their long term prospects), and the additions of O and BBL.

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