Wednesday, April 10, 2013


HAL had a nice today in the market, up over 3% to $40.39, so I thought I'd give it a check up.  I bought HAL in July 12, August 12, October 12, and this past February 13.  My average buy price is $34.34, so I'm up 17.63% on the position.  Here is a graph of price and volume for the past year:

I was originally attracted to HAL due to undervaluation coupled with growth prospects.  I though HAL would be a stock to sell, once it reached fair value.  Here is a FAST Graph for the holding:

Fair value based on the normal PE for the past six years of 14.3 is a price of $43.  So as I near that price, should I contemplate selling?  Here is a look a future projections for earnings:

Future growth looks good due their involvement in natural gas drilling (fracking), and a big push internationally.  Further, HAL recently announced an increase in the quarterly dividend from $.09 to $.125 per share, and increase of 39%.  They also released a statement saying that would continue to pay share owners an increasing dividend, so now its a dividend growth stock.

M* gives HAL 4 stars, and FAST Graph has its EYE ratio at 12:1, so for now, I'm holding for the long run.



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