Friday, January 10, 2014

1st Trades of 2014 - Adding more PM today

Trimmed MSFT and MDT today;  both have grown pretty large in the portfolio, and added shares of PM @ $82.52.  PM is down 1% today, and looks like a good value to me at these levels.

Here is a snapshot of PM via FAST Graphs:

@$82.50 today, it's entering undervaluation range.  Dividend yield is above 4.5%, and earnings growth has been averaging 11%;  I like this stock for the next few years.  Here is a 5 year projection for EPS growth:

PM sells tobacco products internationally (MO is the domestic version).  I can personally attest to the fact that smoking is a growth industry in Europe, South America, and Asia.  The numbers of smokers in these countries is staggering, and growing (for now).  Based on what I see when traveling to these regions, I wouldn't be surprised if smoking becomes an olympic sport soon ;-)

That's all for now.


P.S., your comments are welcome, please post one, and let me know what you're eyeing for your portfolios, suggestions encouraged!


  1. i like PM very much at theses prices. I am eyeing on TGH right now.

    1. Thanks for the comment FF. I see in your blog you have a position in PM as well. In addition to PM, I also like QCOM, EMN and TGT....added a little TGT today to my taxable account