Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Quick Post-Brexit Shopping Update

On 6-27-16, I posted that I was adding several stocks that looked attractive...

  • CELG (taxable account)
  • BIIB (taxable account)
  • AMGN (IRA)
  • GILD (Should be IRA, but it's in my taxable account)
  • Also love CISCO at these prices, but I already have an outsized position..
  • DIS (Adding to my IRA, good diversity, great company)
  • SCHW (Charles Schwab, adding to taxable IRA, still a bit pricey, but really good growth)

Happy shopping....don't be afraid, make some purchases!"

On that day, it felt like the market was going to crash and we were in for some real trouble.  But for those who ignored the "fear" being espoused in the media, and bought good companies that day, the returns have been excellent.  How were my picks that day?

Here is a summary table:

The top three biotech stocks have done well, and are getting a bit pricey for an entry now.  The others on the list, while up a bit, are still priced attractively today.

I added some DIS to my father's account today, and if drops a bit from here, I'll add more to the Chump IRA.

GILD, CSCO and SCHW are still at or below fair value, especially GILD.



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