Sunday, September 9, 2012

Core Holdings

I plan to have two groups of stocks in the portfolio; core holdings from the CCC David Fish list, emphasis on Champions, and a slightly more speculative group of holdings comprised of value stocks that pay dividends, with an occasional growth stock, but always at a favorable valuation.  I agree strongly with Chuck Carnevale and many others on SA that stock price ALWAYS follows earnings in the long term.  Thus, I don't ever want to buy shares that are over valued, whether I'm starting a new position, or adding shares via dividends.

I've been building both groups over the past few months.  As of September 7, 2012, here is my group of core holdings.  My positions in many of these is lower than I'd like, but several are over-valued in my opinion, so I'm waiting for a more favorable price to add to these positions.

My "Core" holdings are listed here (for 9-7-12):

I'll add a few more names to this list in the coming weeks, perhaps with a "0%" position, just to show that I intend to add these.  My next post will show the second group of stocks - non core, added based on favorable valuation, but still with an eye toward yield and the rules stated in the first post.  However, the non-core group will have some higher betas, possible lower yields, but will all be very undervalued at time of purchase.

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