Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Now my Non Core holdings

Shown below are my "non core" holdings, a bit more value oriented and speculative.  Most of these I will sell when they reach fair value in favor of better, more undervalued selections.  Here is the list as of  9-7-12:

In addition to the conventional stocks listed, I also own an mREIT, NLY, and an ETF, TIP.  NLY is a way to juice my yields in the current low interest economic environment, and TIP is a place a park my cash, and acts as a hedge against the a market decline or rising interest rates, while still paying a 2.2% yield.

The pinkish-red section shows a stock that has reached fair value, and is not worth hanging on to.  I plan to put in some stops, let it run, and sell when there is a slight pull back.  I'll put the proceeds to cash, and look to add a replacement stock.  Since I have 14 stocks in this group, I'll look to add a stock the core group.  My next post will show the total group of stocks held together.

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