Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Holdings Update - October 15, 2012

I haven't done a proper update to the portfolio in a couple of weeks;  I'll definitely get the performance numbers updated this Friday.

I took a snapshot of the holdings via FASTGraph for 10-15-12, and the summary is here:

A couple of comments:
  • Sold my position in NLY - started getting nervous about the long term prospects with QE infinity through at least 2015, and decided to move to cash and redeploy elsewhere.
  • Since my last update, I've added small positions in GD and ADM - both potential core holdings with decent valuation, and great dividend track records.
  • I've sorted the date by EYE ratio; earnings yield estimate.  I'd add shares to any name on the list "north" of MO.
  • I added to some existing positions over the past two weeks including TEVA, CSCO, DOV, CMI, HAL and AAPL
  • I remain underweight MDC, WMT, and KO - still seem a bit pricey to me at these levels.
Thats all for now.



  1. Nice--I've been keeping tabs on earnings calls. Added just a tidbit to GPC, PM, NSC, and ABT today, and keeping my eye on GE, APD and MCD tomorrow. I agree, WMT is too pricey; have you considered TGT instead? Great dividend growth. Also, have you thought about adding any MLPs to your portfolio?

  2. Hey Kolpin:

    I like TGT, it too is pricey, but looks better at these levels than WMT. I like them both in the long run. TGT is on my watch list - I have a price target of $58. No MLPs, I need to read more about them.

    FYI, I owned PM and ABT in my taxable account, both hit stop losses today and sold.

  3. Hi Chumpmenudo, are all your stocks on stop losses? How do you determine to put some stocks on stop losses and add to your positions on others? I would imagine if you liked the stock enough to buy and like the dividend growth you would want to add to your position on the dips?
    Thanks, xanimal

  4. Hello xanimal13:

    This portfolio is my retirement IRA, and still have roughly 15 years to retirement, so I can tolerate some swings in price and recover. I tend not to use stop losses in this account, unless a holding gets very overvalued. Then I may put a trailing stop with intent of selling part or all of the position to redeploy cash elsewhere.

    In my taxable brokerage account, I do use stop losses on several positions. I need the cash in this account for shorter term expenses (kids education, housing, etc...) So I don't want a 15% loss of principle - I'll sell stocks and go to cash if a big stock market correction hits us again. Let's hope it doesn't!

    Hope this helps,