Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Some New Screens I'm Running 10-3-12

I'd like to identify another stock to add to my non-core portion of the portfolio; a stock that may only be paying a small dividend, or gasp, no dividend (yet).  Growth (second gasp) is the theme for this next selection.

I sure like FAST Graphs.  I'm using it to screen various groups of stocks to find my next great company, undervalued, with incredible growth potential.  I'm using PE below 15, EPS historical growth of at least 15%, and forecasted EPS growth for the next 5 years of least 15%.  To put it simply:  Good growth history + good growth prospects + undervalued.  This narrows the field pretty quickly, and yields some interesting names for further investigation.  Maybe I should dubb this the "triple 15" screen?  Someone probably already has...

My first population screened was the Large Cap 100.  Applying the screen above yielded the following tickers:

 Only four names qualified, and I cheated a bit to get QCOM in the mix (I'm just interested in their stock, and wanted to evaluate them).

The next population I screened was the MidCap 400, here are those results:

This time the screen let through 12 companies.  I cheated again, this time with Foot Locker (PE of 15.5) because I was attracted to the dividend.

My last screen is on the Small Cap 600, here are the results:

This group produced 15 companies (actually 14, but I cheated again and added SKYW - look at that EYE ratio!) for further evaluation.

Now I'll spend a few days looking through these graphs and companies, then winnow the list still further.

That's all for now.


  1. Looking forward to your dd and final choices...

  2. Hey Grox:

    I looking at ADM as a possible addition to the core group, and QCOM for the non-core. I'll let you know in a day or two. Any thoughts on these?


  3. I like ADM, not familiar with QCOM.

    I took position in QCOR and GMCR, although small one! I guess I like some risk/reward in my portfolio. :)