Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Portfolio Update Through 9-28-12

Here is a summary of the portfolio positions through the 28th, and some performance metrics follow:

As discussed in my previous blog, I decided to sell SPLS and increase my cash position.  Additional shares were added during the week to the following holdings:

  • WAG
  • EMR
  • HAL
  • CSX
I reduced the TIPs position slightly during the week to generate a bit a cash for the purchases above;  this prior to the sale of SPLS at week's end.  Now that SPLS is gone, the cash position in the portfolio is back up to 6.81%.  My TIP ETF balance is 9.82%, so combined with the cash position, I have around 15% available to invest in smaller % current holdings, or to add a particularly attractive new holding.

Some of the stocks on my attractive list include:  FDO, ADM, more WMT, MSFT, and TEVA.
Valuations on FDO and WMT are too high at this point.  Need to just wait on these.

Here are the summary performance stats for the portfolio through 9-28-12:

That's all for now.

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