Monday, January 12, 2015

2014 Full Year Results - Dividends

I've calculated my full year dividends received, and here are the results:

I really started my dividend growth, 100% individual stock allocation in 2012, and had the portfolio established on 7/1/2012.  No new money enters this account, only dividend reinvestment.

Since that date, the portfolio has grown in total value from $385,923 to $588,760 at year end 2014.

My dividend income grew over 25% year over year.  That's very cool.  If I can keep up 20% dividend growth, probably tough, but I'll try, the spreadsheet below shows where my income will be in 13 years.....and if I can keep outperforming the 20% target, I can get that income a few years sooner, and enable an earlier retirement.

To do this, I've got to examine the portfolio for dividend "laggards," companies that didn't sufficiently raise the dividend, and replace them with better actors.  I'll be conducting this analysis in the coming days/weeks.



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