Wednesday, January 14, 2015

2014 Year End Holdings, Performance, and Valuation

Here are the Chump holdings from year end 2014, and my estimates of valuation based on prices from the 1st week of January....

32 positions, full position size is just a bit over 3% at the current portfolio value.  A few other comments here:
  • 3/32 pay 5% or more
  • 8/32 pay 4% or more in yield
  • 2/32 pay 3% or more
  • 12/32 pay 2% or more
  • 7/32 pay 0.8% or more
  • Total current yield of the portfolio is 2.92%
  • I've identified 14/32 holdings as "core," and would like to hold these forever, even when overvalued (though I may trim these occasionally)
  • Will add to three core positions due to undervaluation...T, EMR, DOV
  • Apple is largest holding, at nearly a 2x size position, but won't sell until it becomes overvalued
  • I'm going to invest the $12k in cash asap, and try to beat the S&P 500 this year.
  • BBL and TUP have been my biggest losers....holding both for now.
  • HAL has given back a 100% gain and sits close to my original purchase price...ouch
Finished the year at 12.48% total return, vs. S&P 500 return of around 13.7%.  Not bad, but not good enough.



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