Tuesday, January 3, 2017

2016 Year End Performance and Holdings

Happy 2017 to all my (very quiet) readers, here is a quick summary of the Chump IRA for 2016. Turned out to be a nice year for the portfolio, here are the numbers vs. the benchmark:

  • Chump IRA up 19.13%
  • S&P 500 with dividends up 11.96%
Thus, Chump outperformed the benchmark by 7.17%, not too shabby.

Here are the holdings in the portfolio today (courtesy of Morningstar, where I track these):

The holdings are sorted by 2016 full year return.  This gives a sense of where the performance for the year came from, though it isn't perfect.  Some of these stocks were purchased later in the year, and others not listed were sold during the year to capture gains.

I've also included the M* ratings for each stock, and the target buy and sell prices that I have set for each holding.  These are super useful, and add discipline to my process.

I printed this summary on Tuesday, January 3.  Interestingly, as I suggested late last year, many poorly performing healthcare stocks were sold by institutional traders for tax purposes, and hide the fact that they were holding poor performing stocks.  These actions created a nice value buying opportunity in healthcare, and many of these same institutional investors are now loading back up on these names, thus the rally in healthcare today ;-)

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