Thursday, May 4, 2017

Adding in the REIT space - More Realty Income (O), and Simon Property Group (SPG)

REITs as a group are down today due some bad news for a triple net REIT that I don't own.  But the entire sector is getting punished.

My position in O is smallish, at 3/4 of normal.  The reason for this is that I trimmed O back from an oversized position to this undersized position on 6/26/2016 at a price of $68 and some change.  At the time, I was worried about the size of my O position, and the high valuation.  Here is a chart showing O's price from that day to today:

Selling at $68 was a good move.  Buying back in at $54.97 could be a good move, we'll see.  But one thing is certain, buying back the 110 shares I sold at $68, for a new price of $54.97, has saved me over $1,430, less dividends.  The buy back gets me back to a full position.  If O drops further, I'll build it back to where it was, which was a 5/4 position...

I'm also adding SPG today, good stock, good price, good dividend.



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